Have no fear, Brother Barack

Have no fear, Brother Barack,
of the noise rising from the banks of the Potomac at twilight,
whose only currency is hate, a hunger for night

to swarm around weaknesses or to launch an attack
against those who choose to heal rather than to fight.
Have no fear, Brother Barack,

For there is a greater force gathering behind your back
Those who have awakened to hope instead of spite
Who knead tears into bread and bless the morning light.
Have no fear, Brother Barack.



Jenn Jilks said…
I laud your praise of this man. Well done. We in Canada feel the power of his words and the energy of his spirit.
Execumama said…
Beautifully stated! Soft and simple, but packed a serious punch! Yes, Barack, yu done know!
Robin Konarz said…
Lovely poem of support for our President! I'm so glad my vote finally counted! These are tough times, but he is a true leader to believe in!
Dear Execumama and Robin,

Thank you! I think this poem is more for us than the ONE.


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