July 14, 2008

Thank you, my Angel (Wherever you are)

The VillainDriving in downtown Miami is usually an adventure for me because 7 times out of 10, I will end up with a flat tire near some alley littered with soda cans that have been used as makeshift crack pipes.

Last week Tuesday was one of those times. No, not the crack pipe thing--the flat tire. And, of course, it was on my way to give my presentation, The Top 5 Reasons Why I Blog, to Janell Agyeman’s workshop: Paths to Publication.

As I was getting out of the car in the Miami Dade College parking lot, my wife saw the tire and she grew a bit worried. And who wouldn't be? This is Miami, after all.

I didn't want my wife to panic and I didn't want to be overly nervous before the presentation, so I told her we'd worry about fixing the flat after the workshop. I could almost hear my mother's voice in my ear: "One step at a time, Geoffrey. One step at a time."

And, besides, I told myself, it was only half-flat.

We took the elevator up to the fifth floor where we were met by Janell, who introduced me to the participants. As soon as I began, they began asking so many questions that I've now created the syllabus for a three hour workshop for writers who would like to start their own blogs. Practical advice about some of the things that I've done right and how to avoid some of the mistakes I've made.

The presentation was a success, but we knew what was waiting for us the parking lot. My wife and I dreaded every step back to the parking lot because we knew what awaited us. Our fears were justified. The tire was now completely flat. So much for optimism, I thought.

But then, I was proved wrong.

Sitting on top of my windshield was a brand new can of Fix a Flat and this note written on a paper napkin: "Saw your flat--thought you might need this…good luck"

The MessageWow! I guess all the good karma I've been sending out on Facebook worked. Or maybe it wasn't my goodness, but my wife's. She teaches second grade in an elementary school, so she counts among the saints.

Either way, someone was looking out for us. And in Miami?

I pulled the nail out of the tire, inflated the tire with Fix a Flat, and drove home via Biscayne Boulevard rather than the I-95. I wasn't about to push my good fortune.

The night ended peacefully without me having to fight off crack addicts.

So, thank you to the good Miamian who helped me last Tuesday night. And, obviously, you are part of the "MDC family" which makes this even more special for me.

Thank you. Thank you, my angel, who ever and wherever you are!


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Stephen A. Bess said...

That's a beautiful story. Yes, God's Angels are on duty 24/7. They are better than AAA. :)

Jdid said...

thats real nice

Geoffrey Philp said...

Dear Stephen and JDID,

Give thanks for your comments and support of INI


Unknown said...

See! There ARE some good people running around loose in the world!

Geoffrey Philp said...

Yes, Dave, there are. There are..

Mad Bull said...

Geoffrey, did the person leave just the note wishing you luck, or did they also leave a can of fix-a-flat. I wasn't aware that The Miami Dade area was so threatening...
I also have a flat tire story. Its actually a part of a post, its not the whole story, but you can read at http://madbull4.tripod.com/mb_blog/id3_2.html if you like.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Mad Bull, downtown Miami at night can get scary.

Yeah, the angel left a can of Fix a Flat along with the note.


PS. I'll check out your story today.

DH @ The Money Blog Revisited said...

Yeah, I actually didn't get that either when I first read the post. Like Mad Bull I was unsure whether he just left the note. And you yourself had a handy fix a flat in your car. I know it sounds illogical cause then the flat wouldn't be a problem in the first place. But that's unfortunately how it reads.

Was actually about to ask the question myself but I can see that that topic's already been addressed. Thanks the two of you! And what a great story.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Dear Dina,


Thanks for your comment. I've edited the story, so that it makes more sense now.


Anonymous said...

Geoffrey -- I am glad you had that moment. It restores one's faith in humanity; there are decent people around us all the time. Now its our turn to be somebody's angel, if we haven't been up till now.

Geoffrey Philp said...

you are so right, longbench. so right!


Reflections Magazine editor said...

What a great story! I just wrote a piece on paying it forward and wish I had read this before today so I would have included it. Perhaps I will write a part 2 and link back to this post.

As you suggest, Miami is a little rough around the edges sometimes, but plenty of good people inhabit this city and you are blessed to have had one come to your rescue in such a quiet but meaningful way.

Stories about these random acts of kindness must be told so others will see the face of good. Thank you for sharing.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Thanks, Fearless!

I, too, like Paying It Forward and I've used it as a writing prompt in my ENC1101 classes.

This experience has made me a believer and I give thanks for it.


Nardeeisms said...

Wonderful story. Simply wonderful - Nards

Geoffrey Philp said...

Thanks Nards & Welcome!