July 25, 2008

Blog to Show @ Geoffrey Philp's Blog Spot

Blog to ShowLiz Strauss at Successful Blog has given bloggers an excellent opportunity to show off their blogs, and I've answered the challenge.

In order to participate, please visit her site for the details: Liz Strauss.

One of the optional suggestions that Liz has made is compile a list of the most popular posts, and I've used Google Analytics to figure out the posts that received the most hits for this month.

So here ere are some of my most popular posts for July 2008, which give a flavor of Geoffrey Philp’s Blog Spot:

The Top Twenty Posts of Geoffrey Philp's Blog Spot

But these posts are only a part of the story. There are many other writers from the Caribbean and South Florida whose work has been recorded on these digital pages (Five Questions With..., A Conversation With..., In My Own Words), and to whom I am grateful for sharing a bit of their lives with me.




Anonymous said...

Hello Geoffrey!

After reading your post I decided to sign on to this as well. Unlike you, I don't think I'm going to post an article about my posts. You see, some of the articles I believe I researched and wrote to perfection, have barely been seen by netizens, while some posts that were written quickly, even some as "throwaways" have gone on to become monster hit-grabbers. Some posts that I wrote in 2005 are still catching hits on a daily basis.

In recent months, two posts, one about teen actress Miley Cyrus and the other about Hillary Clinton's right-hand Huma Abedin, gobbled up traffic like there was no tomorrow, while some special stories and RIPS barely got noticed (except this week's post about the death of DJ K-Swift).

Some blogs are able to atract large numbers of RSS subscribers and a "following" or regular readership. In my estimation I have about 50 total "followers." But you know what? On any day should my blog get thousands of hits, it's those 50 loyalists who really count, who make my day when I look in the blog stats and see that they've come back.

For me, the best thing about blogging (besides getting issues out there and off my chest) is meeting wonderful people, like you and many others. Thank-you Geoffrey, and thank-you "others" for making my daily journey across life a little easier each day.

Peaceful Blessings,
Dave Lucas

Geoffrey Philp said...

Dear Dave,

I'm glad to be of help. The wonderful thing about blogging is the access to information with a point of view and the willingness of people like you to share that knowledge.

Blogging creates a kind of community that I've only encountered in community arts organizations where everyone shares his or her expertise.

It has truly been a wonderful experience that I hope will continue way into the future.


Anonymous said...

Love the new look...looking forward to read more of your words.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Dear closetWriter,


Glad you like the new look. Looking forward to hearing more from you.