October 17, 2007

South Florida Writers Fete Mitchell Kaplan

Mitchell Kaplan and Geoffrey PhilpYou could feel the love in the room on Saturday, October 13, 2007, when over fifty South Florida writers turned out at the Miami Beach Regional Library to honor Mitchell Kaplan, the owner of Books & Books. It was truly heartfelt.

For many of us, Books & Books was the place where we gave our first public readings, launched our first books, and first met our literary heroes. For me, it was good so see Ferdie Pacheco and Edwidge because we didn't have any time to talk after her reading on Friday night.

It was also a time to shmooze with old friends like John Dufresne, Les Standiford, Carolina Hospital, and Lynne Barrett. South Florida is such a big place and we're spread out from Miami Beach to the Everglades, so we rarely have a chance to meet and greet, except at the Miami Book Fair International, and then, we're either reading or rushing to hear other out of town writers like Russell Banks.

Books & Books 25
was a wonderful celebration of a man who has been at the heart of the literary life of Miami and that so many writers came to the event is a testament to his generosity and vision.
Give thanks, Mitchell Kaplan!

For more photos on this event, please follow this link: Books and Books: 25

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