May 18, 2007

Book Giveaway Contest: Caribbean-Americans and the “American-Dream”

In celebration of Caribbean-American Heritage Month, Geoffrey Philp’s Blog Spot in coordination with Akashic Books and will be hosting a book giveaway contest on the theme, “Caribbean-Americans and the 'American Dream.'”

The Prizes

The top four winning entries will receive a copy of one of the following books from Akashic Books:

The Girl With the Golden Shoes by Colin Channer

She’s Gone by Kwame Dawes

Dog War by Anthony Winkler

The Lunatic by Anthony Winkler.

How to Participate

1. Write a brief paragraph (250- 500 words) about any Caribbean-American and her/his contribution to the “American Dream.”

2. Post it on Geoffrey Philp's Blog Spot, “Caribbean-Americans and the American-Dream” under the Comments, or post on your own blog with a link to the book give away contest, “Caribbean-Americans and the American Dream.”

(5/23/07) Entries may now be e-mailed to me: geoffreyphilp101 [at] You MUST have book giveaway in the subject line or else it will be treated as spam.

If you leave a Comment under Anonymous, please leave your name (or alias) in the box and send me an e-mail confirming your identity. My e-mail address is geoffreyphilp101 [at]

3. One entry per person.

4. Entries close at 4:30 PM EST, May 31, 2007.

5. The drawing will be held on Saturday, June 2, 2007 and the winners will be announced on Wednesday, June 6, 2007.

6. The winners will be published in and Geoffrey Philp’s Blog Spot.

The Judges

Preston Allen, author of All or Nothing.

Nicholas Laughlin, editor of The Caribbean Review of Books, and, Antilles, the CRB blog.

Geoffrey Philp, author of Florida Bound.


Be as creative as you want to be with the topic.

Personalize. Make the judges believe that you didn't just copy from Wikipedia.

“Caribbean American” refers to any person, first or second generation, from the Spanish speaking, French speaking, and English speaking Caribbean.

Here is a link to a few Caribbean-Americans: Wikipedia.

Don't forget the oldies, but goodies such as Jose Marti, Nicolas Guillen, Felix Morriseau-Leroy, Luis Pales Matos, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Toure) , and Colin Powell.

And, of course, so many writers.

Link to the post, “Caribbean-Americans and the American-Dream or leave your entry in the Comments.

Other Requirements:

To enter the book giveaway, you must meet these requirements:

*You must be 18 years of age or older. Sorry, I don’t want to be accused of corrupting the youth.

*Only English language entries are eligible.

*You must either submit under Comments or link to the post “Caribbean-Americans and the American-Dream.”

*You must submit your entry no later than 4:30 PM EST, May 31, 2007.

Thank you, Johnny Temple of Akashic Books and Xavier Murphy of

Good luck to all!


PS. Please check here for updates. I've just learned that Xavier is going to throw in some T-shirts courtesy of



the prisoner's wife said...

interesting timing...

i JUST finished reading SHE'S GONE (loved it & did a post about it), and i JUST bought Collin's new book! lol.

but i might have to write something, even though the "american dream" is such a...well, let's not get started on that one LOL.


Geoffrey Philp said...

Cool. Glad to see you back over here and even happier that you liked Kwame's and Colin's books.
Help me spread the word on this, nuh?

the prisoner's wife said...

i will, i will!

i LOVE Colin's work, and am just getting into Kwame's poetry.
i always wanted to go to Calabash, considering it's always happenin around my born day and i love to be in the company of great writers, but alas...i ain't made it yet! soon come.

they will be out here on a book tour in June. i must remember to go!