May 10, 2007

Update on the Great Imperative Meme

great imperative memeWhen I started the "Great Imperative" meme I never guessed it would generate the fantastic responses on this blog, and some interesting conversations happening over at these blogs:


Stephen Bess

Jim Brock

Professor Zero



Tales From the Reading Room


The G-Bitch Spot

The Primary Contradiction

Scenes from a Slow Moving Train

Fort Wayne African-American Independent Woman

And this, perhaps, is what blogging is teaching us--that you don't have to be famous to have a great imperative in life. Blogging may be the realization of the democratic ideal: we all have a voice and each of us can be the main character in the story of our life.

And the list keeps growing…



Stephen A. Bess said...

This meme really brought some things to the surface as I was writing it. This goes to show how purging writing can be. Thanks again.

Geoffrey Philp said...

This was a real pleasure to create and the after effects are great.
I'm proud of this one.

Thanks, Stephen!

credo said...

I was tagged by professor Zero. I'm glad I found you can over. Now I can read your awesome writing..

I am going to make the link

Geoffrey Philp said...

Thanks, Credo and welcome.
I, too, will be dropping by (have dropped by) your site.


Mad Bull said...

Well, Sir Geoffrey, I have finally wrote a little thing on this great imperative issue. Check it out when you have some time.

Rethabile said...

Everyone really does think it's a great meme. I'll keep you posted (is that a pun?) as those I tagged participate.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Good to hear from you, man!