May 3, 2007

Antilles, a literary blog of the Anglophone Caribbean

Caribbean Review of BooksThese are very interesting times. The Caribbean Review of Books has extended its coverage of Anglophone Caribbean writing with a new blog, Antilles.

The main goal of CRB is "to review new books about the Caribbean, and we're lucky that some of the region's best writers and scholars have taken up our invitation to do just that. We've also published new poems, stories, and essays, alongside profiles of writers and the occasional interview. And in recent issues of the magazine we've extended our field of interest to include other areas that aren't adequately addressed in the regional press, especially contemporary art."

I have a subscription to CRB (See my interview with Marlon James) and I've just added Antilles to my Google Reader.

Congratulations, Nicholas and the CRB posse!


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