April 26, 2007

Forthcoming Titles from Peepal Tree Press

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"I Love The River’s Song! It was so hard to put it down! Gloria’s coming-of-age story is warm and true and bittersweet. Hers is no wide bridge over the river but a rocky path to womanhood, to friendships made and lost and to the knowledge that love also requires navigation. The River’s Song is a song we’ve all heard before, but never with such force and clarity as this."~Olive Senior

You know you're in for something special...

The River's Song a novel by Jacqueline Bishop

Gloria, living with her mother in a Kingston tenement yard, wins a scholarship to one of Jamaica’s best girls’ schools. She is the engaging narrator of the at first alienating and then transforming experiences of an education that in time takes her away from her mother, friends and the island; of her consciousness of bodily change and sexual awakening; of her growth of adult awareness of a Jamaica of class division, endemic violence and the new spectre of HIV-AIDS.

The novel’s strengths lie in the pace, economy and shapeliness of its page-turning narrative; in its poetic descriptions of urban and rural Jamaica; and above all in the quality of its characterisation and the dramatisation of Gloria’s relationships with her mother, grandmother and the girls she has always known in her grandmother’s rural village, with Rachel, their neighbour in the yard who is Gloria’s rock of understanding, and, at the heart of the novel, with Annie, the purest and indivisible love of her adolescent years.

The book will be available in early May, so for now please enjoy this extract.

Click here for the extract: Gloria's first day at High School

Also Coming Soon from Peepal Tree Press

Jennifer Rahim
Songster and Other Stories
ISBN: 1-84523-048-5, Price: £7.99
Rahim’s stories move between the present and the past to make sense of the tensions between image and reality in contemporary Trinidad.

Lynne Macedo & Kampta Karran
No Land, No Mother
ISBN: 1-84523-020-5, Price: £12.99
The essays in this collection focus on the rich dialogue carried out in David Dabydeen’s increasingly diverse and critically acclaimed body of writing.

Laurence A. Breiner
Black Yeats: Eric Roach and the Politics of Caribbean Poetry
ISBN: 1-84523-047-7, Price: £17.99
Laurnce Breiner's study not only provides the materials for an enhanced reading of Roach's poetry and a persuasive argument for its importance, but also shows Roach's life and work to have been at the centre of the cultural politics of Caribbean writing.

Karen King-Aribisala
The Hangman's Game
ISBN: 1-84523-046-9, Price: £8.99
A slave rebellion in nineteenth century Guyana and a military dictatorship in recent Nigeria intercut and merge in unsettling ways as the characters in the historical novel-within-a novel erupt into their Caribbean author's life in Nigeria.

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