November 29, 2006

Podcast of Mervyn Taylor's, "This Island"

Mervyn Taylor was born in Trinidad. He is the author of three books of poetry: An Island of His Own (1992), The Goat (1999), and Gone Away (2006), and a CD, Road Clear (2004), done in collaboration with bassist David Williams. About the poems in his latest collection Debbie Jacob wrote in her column in the Trinidad Guardian, "Lost in the cold and unable to return home to the tropics, the West Indians of Taylor's poems reach as far as they can: Florida." Mervyn Taylor lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Here is an excerpt from a reading that Mervyn Taylor gave at the Miami Book Fair International on November 18, 2006.

For those wishing to hear the entire reading, here is the link

Here are the pictures from the event:


Fragano Ledgister has sent me a great livication for Tony McNeill’s birthday (December 17), and it is the kind of writing that I have been looking for all year—a combination of personal narrative involving a Caribbean writer and a reaction to his/her work. Fragano has extended this--a tribute to the great poet by including a story about Tony McNeill.

I’m sending out the word again for requests for the livications—a celebration of the writers from the Caribbean who are with us, always.

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