January 24, 2006

Podcast of "A Day at the Races"

"A Day at the Races" Podcast is now available at this site: http://ia300215.us.archive.org/0/items/GeoffreyPhilpADayatTheRacesMP3/a_day_at_the_races_real_thing2.mp3

The poem was originally published in hurricane center (1998).

a day at the races

"yu bet yu life," the drawsy touter say,
dunzai tight in him fist, "that likkle mare
cyaan stan up to my stallion, the mighty saga boy!"
so i put my money where my mouth was, an stare

him down, "my girl's a thoroughbred. i feel it in me soul."
match him dollar fa dollar wid me rent money an buy the ticket.
but i wasn't staying at the roadside off course to get it
from a radio announcer who doant know filly from foal.

i lef de bwai sweating like a jackass, him partner a groan,
leg lock tighter than a jockey in the stirrup,
riding the beast, from starting post to the finish line,
galloping so hard, him waist ready to pop.

race start. saga boy have blinders, a mane of black hair,
and my girl, a one year old maiden, wasn't looking
too bad herself as they turn into the shoulder
two furlongs to go, and my girl in front, but picking

up the rear, saga boy coming on fast,
with me holding on, like love, to me battered stub.
saga boy and my girl so close, saddle start to rub,
saga boy and my girl, neck and neck, dead heat,

saga boy on top of my girl with a furlong to go;
i beggin, "lawd, mek it done," and start think instead
i shoulda bet even a dollar with my girl to show.
photo finish; the bleachers went wild. saga boy in by a head.




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