January 6, 2006

Leonard "Tim" Hector

Leonard Tim HectorLeonard "Tim" Hector was one of those extraordinary scholar/journalists whose insights into Caribbean culture (music, art, sports, politics, cricket--in the Caribbean cricket is not a sport--it's a religion--and deserves its own category) were always on target. Here is a link to the website that hosts his essays: http://www.candw.ag/~jardinea/fanflame.htm

This is one of my favorites: http://www.candw.ag/~jardinea/fanflame.htm

Hector's essay on Dr. Paget Henry (along with Brathwaite's insights) fueled a short story, "A Fable for the New Year" and an essay that will soon be appearing in Jamaicansrus.com. Here is the link: Why is our literature so different? Why?”


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