January 21, 2006

Dancehall Podcast

The podcast of the sonnet “Dancehall” is now available at this site:


The poem was originally published in Florida Bound (1995).


Man, mek me tell yu dat was a fete!
Riddim was wile, an de dawta dem a grine,

de idren dem a smoke de sweetes lamb's bret

straight from St. Ann, de bes colly we cud fine.

Security did tight, yu cudn even see a rachet,

fa de local top ranking stan up broad by de gate

till one fool-fool rumhead decide fe chuck a yute,

Bwai, me neva see one man eat so much bullet.

We kotch de bwai pon a speaka, an call him girlfren,

she search him till she fine de gole ring inna him ves

an shub him dung a dutty, figet him like de res.

Now das when de dance look like it was gwane en,

den we put on sum oldies, an leggo de bass,

fa yu cyaan cum a dance widdout a gun inna yu wais





M'lou said...

Geoffrey -- Dancehall Podcast made me think back in time, since I don't "go dance" no more.......it's been years. I do know that Dancehall remains one of the most popular social activities "down a yard" (and abroad as well I would think among a large population of yardies and those who love reggae music); but I wonder if it is still as sweet as it was back in the 70s? You know how dance used to nice!

M'lou said...

Geoffrey: this made me think way back to the time when I used to go dance in the 70s -- indoor dances, outdoor dances, they were all nice........the most entertaining and fun social activity for me besides being the regular spectator I was at a good soccer game. And no matter what little ruption use to go on in the dance, it was still sweet. Well we're in the 21st century now, and things have changed. I wonder what I would think if I stepped into a nowadays dancehall?

Geoffrey Philp said...

Dear m'lou,
Dancehall is really exciting these days especially with artists like Sizzla. "Praise ye Jah" and Tanya Stephens, "It's a Pity".
I'm glad the music is getting consciuos again--back to the livity.
Give thanks!

just in time said...

Any relations to BASHMENT or RUGGAMUFFIN? Anyone under 22 responding to this blog? I think not-
Thanks Eton you have provoked us to reminece and engaged us to show our true age YIPES!!!

Geoffrey Philp said...

I am loving it--every second. What I have grown from to now. The poems serve as markers and as I said in Twelve Poems and I really mean it, "It's all good."

RUF said...

Dance is still nice in Jamaica. I went to a few over xmas and them still nice nu rass but you have to be more carefull as everyman have dem gun now without a doubt. Culture reggae music is on the rise again with artists like Fantom Mojah, Gyptian, Richie Spice, Jah Cure, Natural Black and of course the reggae music leaders like Buju and Sizzla chanting more positive lyrics. Reggae music always reflects the times were living in. These are some serious times as Gyptian says in his song..we need to unite. More love and unity and less war and violence.

MusicalWingz said...

Nice podcast.


Geoffrey Philp said...

Give thanks, DJ Trends.