January 21, 2006

Dancehall Podcast

The podcast of the sonnet “Dancehall” is now available at this site:


The poem was originally published in Florida Bound (1995).


Man, mek me tell yu dat was a fete!
Riddim was wile, an de dawta dem a grine,

de idren dem a smoke de sweetes lamb's bret

straight from St. Ann, de bes colly we cud fine.

Security did tight, yu cudn even see a rachet,

fa de local top ranking stan up broad by de gate

till one fool-fool rumhead decide fe chuck a yute,

Bwai, me neva see one man eat so much bullet.

We kotch de bwai pon a speaka, an call him girlfren,

she search him till she fine de gole ring inna him ves

an shub him dung a dutty, figet him like de res.

Now das when de dance look like it was gwane en,

den we put on sum oldies, an leggo de bass,

fa yu cyaan cum a dance widdout a gun inna yu wais





Geoffrey Philp said...

Dear m'lou,
Dancehall is really exciting these days especially with artists like Sizzla. "Praise ye Jah" and Tanya Stephens, "It's a Pity".
I'm glad the music is getting consciuos again--back to the livity.
Give thanks!

Geoffrey Philp said...

I am loving it--every second. What I have grown from to now. The poems serve as markers and as I said in Twelve Poems and I really mean it, "It's all good."

MusicalWingz said...

Nice podcast.


Geoffrey Philp said...

Give thanks, DJ Trends.