January 9, 2006

A New Poem in MiPoesias

The new issue of MiPoesias is online. My poem is entitled, "Beyond Mountain View". The poem signals my growing disillusionment with the situtation in Jamaica. Welcome to Jamrock!

Spencer Reece
Anselm Berrigan
David Petruzelli


Mia Leonin
David Need
Grace Cavalieri

MiPO~Printe-chap: From the Back Room by John Korn


David Petruzelli
Mairead Byrne
Anselm Berrigan
Jonah Winter
Jenny Boully
Maureen Seaton
John Korn
Justin Petropoulos
Ron Androla
Reb Livingston
George Lober
Randall Williams
Gianmarc Manzione
Richard Blanco
Geoffrey Philp
Amy King
Fritz Ward


Birdie Jaworski
Jenny Boully
Sara Vogt

Special Feature
Best of Cafe' Cafe' 2005

Michael Parker
David Need
Stacey Harwood

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