Self-Publishing & E-Books: Revenge of the Gatekeepers

JA Konrath, who has sold over 5000 books on Kindle so far this MONTH, has been receiving a lot of hate mail from editors and agents. But he was was not prepared for the onslaught from fellow writers. 

Here's his appraisal :

"Unless I'm reading this wrong, a lot of authors believe that the only worthwhile writing is the writing that has earned the stamp of approval by a NY Publishing House. If an author is selling a lot of self-published ebooks, that is only because the gullible public doesn't know any better. Soon, a flood of pure shit will saturate the ebook market (some say this has already happened) making it impossible for "real" authors to sell their books.

Sorry. You're wrong."

For more, here's the link to his blog where you will find more information about self-publishing from this prolific author:


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