July 26, 2010

New Book: I and I Bob Marley

"I and I, Bob Marley is a work of creative nonfiction. In this case, Medina's series of beautifully-written poems provide a factually accurate narrative of Bob Marely's life from his childhood in Nine Miles, Jamaica and his youth on the streets of Trenchtown, Jamaica, to his rise to international fame and stardom. Like Marley's music itself, Medina's verses are highly poetic, evocative and cut right to the soul. The language of the verses sometimes lapses into unpretentious Jamaican and the poems often "lash" with the griotesque nuances of the reggae tongue. I was personally taken aback by the richness of the imagery in the poems, by Medina's ability to wax poetic about cold, hard facts and history in a way that children can appreciate and understand. The poems, like Watson's rich acrylic illustrations, strikingly capture the Jamaican landscape in all its beauty, harshness, and startling contrasts:"

For more, please follow this link: Caribbean Children's Literature


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