July 20, 2010

Book Review: The Fullness of Everything by Patricia Powell

The Trip to Bountiful
By Geoffrey Philp

The Fullness of Everything, by Patricia Powell
(Peepal Tree Press, ISBN 978-1845231132, 240 pp)

"Simple acts. They add up. They add up until they become a life. A life filled with complications, setbacks, betrayals, and sometimes a little happiness. And from birth, this one life joins a web of family, friends, and acquaintances which extends to those who have yet to come and those who have joined eternity. “The unity is submarine,” as Kamau Brathwaite said in another context, the closest description I can apply to Patricia Powell’s fourth novel,The Fullness of Everything, a meditation on the intimate connections among relationships of blood and compassion, rendered in exquisite prose."

For more, please follow this link:  Caribbean Review of Books


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