"Manifesto" by Geoffrey Philp

This is why I write.
Because of salt on the lips of the dead,
The bitter grunts of lovers in my head,

A moon blinded by mist, egrets in flight,
Forgotten ancestors by whose words I am fed.
This is why I write.

To awaken drenched by the dew of night
Blooming cereus that releases from my throat the dread
Song in my chest for the journey ahead.
This is why I write.


Stephen Bess said…
Love it! Bravo! "Song in my chest..."
Stephen, this was one of those poems that I really loved writing.

Have a great weekend!
clarabella said…
Niecly, nicley, wid de "Manifesto", Mr Poet Man. Good to have you back. Have a great weekend. 1Love.
Rethabile said…
And this is why we read you. Wishing you a good weekend.
Thanks, Rethabile.

My author's copies of Who's Your Daddy? came in today!

Happy, happy, joy, joy!


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