Interview With Poefrika: Geoffrey Philp

Geoffrey Philp
Rethabile Masilo interviewed me for his blog, Poefrika--one of the more pleasurable experiences I've had in the past two weeks.

To read the rest of the interview, please follow this link: Poefrika!

Give thanks, Rethabile!
4. How long did you work on your first book? Do all your books take about the same time to "finish"?
My first book took me about ten years to write. Then, I began to write steadily. Hurricane Center took me one year to write because I purposely set out to write a poem a week. Made my wife crazy, but I did it. That was the only time I worked on a themed book. The other books have grown by accretion. I write and write and then at the end of five years or so, I figure out what I've been thinking about for the five years, the general themes, and try to arrange them into a manuscript. At least, that's how my latest collection DUB WISE came into being. I've been meditating on Reggae, my thirty years of writing, and what I've learned from being a part of the Boomer "Reggae" Generation.

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