Blog Action Day: Poverty in Haiti

One of the remarkable consequences of blogging is that people of like minds can join together to raise the global consciousness about a particular issue.

Today is Blog Action Day and my focus is on the poverty in Haiti. This is not to say that Jamaica, my homeland, does not suffer from the effects of poverty. But the conditions in Haiti, the nation that led the way for freedom in the Americas, is unconscionable.

So, I'm joining Blog Action Day with a call to support abundance in Haiti. For I know that once the brothers and sisters in Haiti can see themselves as one, then just as with the revolution that began at Bois-Caiman shook the world, another awakening can happen--and then…


A few other bloggers, including Professor Zero, Dave Lucas (who has a great list of ways to really help) Jack Mandora, Sotho and Crafty Green Poet, have joined Blog Action Day: Poverty, and the full list can be seen here: Who's Participating?

And I just love this Wordle view of this post. Give thanks, Anonymous!


Anonymous said…
Wordle of your post:
Anonymous said…
PS: Same link in short way:
Rethabile said…
Haiti is hard-hit, that's for sure. Thank you for this post, ntate Geoffrey.

I'm still nursing the MSS, mainly because another person is having a read. After that it's gone. I'm ready, and so is it.
Anonymous, thanks for the link. It's great!

Rethabile, looking forward to the book.

The Troll said…
Wow. Haiti. You really picked a hard target there, mon.
Welcome Troll!

As Brother Bob said, "the hotter the battle, ah de sweeter Jah Victory!"

yes I've always heard Haiti is particularly hard hit with poverty...

Thanks for the link
Crafty, it's a vicious cycle in Haiti.

Hi Geoffrey ~ Great blog ... and your Header just carries me away! *sigh*

I too love the wordle ... how beautiful that is. *huGs* Suzanne

P.S. Praise God for Blog Action Day ... I believe together we can make a difference.
Money Making Ideas ~ Suzanne, Welcome.

Yes, I believe we can make a difference!

At the risk of sounding like a blithering conspiracy theorist I declare that Haiti's plight was engineered. We in the Caribbean should show her all the love.
Have you been hanging out with Jeremiah Wright?
Aloisio Milani said…
Here a post about #haiti food crisis after hurricanes and the absence of strategy to really help haitians.
Aloisio Milani said…
Here a post about #haiti food crisis after hurricanes and the absence of strategy to really help haitians.
Thanks, Aloisio Milani & Welcome!
Jeremiah Wright, who's that? Never mind that, I just googled him. I sort of live under a rock, see:{

A very gutze lecturer at the U didn't box in our reading list.

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