Will Troy Davis Die Today?

In what he phrases as a "failure of the justice system," Rethabile urges us to write "American Sentences."
With no evidence blacks don’t walk but on a technicality, die.
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Rethabile said…
Thanks, ntate Geoffrey.
clarabella said…

I have written an American sentence for Troy Davis and I wanted to let you know.

paisley said…
thank you geoffery for helping to spread the word... a stay has been issued and we should know monday whether or not the supreme court will hear his case... fingers crossed ok??
Rethabile said…
Thanks, Pam. A sharp angle on that sentence.

Fingers crossed, Jodi.
Pam, Rethabile, & Paisley,

I konked out last night before I could hear the good news... yes, let's keep a positive vibe.

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