May 20, 2009

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Rastafari

Professor Darren Middleton, who has written extensively about Rastafari, is interviewed by Rev. John Paul Roach: The Phenomenon of Rastafarianism.

Here's the url:

In this wide-ranging interview, Professor Middleton covers the following topics:

The links between Rastafari and Hinduism
Core beliefs of Rastafari: InI
Diversity in Rastafari
Role of Marcus "Mosiah" Garvey and Leonard Percival Howell
Nazirite vows in Rastafari
Queen of Sheba and King Solomon
Use of marijuana
Kebra Nagast
Twelve Tribes of Israel
Christology and Rastafari
Symbolism of red, green, and gold in Rastafari
Reggae and Rastafari

And if you listen all the way through the commercials to the end, he mentions the work of Kwame Dawes and my novel, Benjamin, my son.

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