May 15, 2008

Bloggers Unite: Human Rights

Bloggers UniteToday Bloggers Unite is partnering with Amnesty International to expand a global awareness campaign for human rights. I am joining with iriegal, who issued this call to support the human rights throughout the world, and especially in Jamaica where the rights of our gay men and women are denied almost daily.

I have known gay men and women all my life. I have seen the devastation that silence and living in denial can bring. I have also known gay men and women who are as loving, ornery, spiteful and caring as I am. Because you know what? Gay men and women are our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. As the song goes, "We are family."

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Anonymous said...

I love this blog, thanks for sharing.
- Goerge Ya76oo

Geoffrey Philp said...

Give thanks,frequent reader.

Fuzz said...

Long time mi nah visit, Geoffrey. Thanks for blogging about this issue. You've just give me a social justice writing prompt for tomorrow's "Free Write Friday" with my ESL students.

In other news, I'm going to JA next month. I'm very excited to return after 4 years. Just a week, but nuff link ups to recharge my Caribbean spirit!

Geoffrey Philp said...

Give thanks, Jeff. Glad you stopped by and that I could help with that writing prompt.

To say the least, I am quite envious of your trip... enjoy


Reflections Magazine editor said...

We ARE family. Every human being deserves love and respect. Period. Thank you for this post.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Thank you, fearless!


FSJL said...

This is the plain truth and nothing but.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Fragano, thank you for the affirmation.