April 17, 2008

Aime Cesaire Joins the Ancestors

Aime CesaireFORT-DE-FRANCE, Martinique (AP) — Aime Cesaire, a poet honored throughout the French-speaking world and a crusader for West Indian rights, has died at 94.

Cesaire died Thursday after at a Fort-de-France hospital where he was being treated for heart problems and other ailments, said government spokeswoman Marie Michele Darsieres.

He was one of the most celebrated cultural figures in the Caribbean and was revered in his native Martinique, which sent him to France's parliament for nearly half a century and repeatedly elected him mayor of the capital.

"I remain faithful to my beliefs and remain inflexibly anti-colonialist"~Aime Cesaire.

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Give thanks to Gene Tinnie, who sent me the news wire.


Stephen A. Bess said...

Great man. I have so many underlined words and notes in my copy of Discourse on Colonialism that it isn't funny. His is one hand I didn't get the opportunity to touch. God bless him.

Geoffrey Philp said...

He truly was, Stephen. And the Negritude movement had a worldwide impact on writers of African descent.
He was one of those poets who recognized the evil of colonialism and denounced its influence on the lives of West Indians.

May he Rest In Peace.