September 17, 2007

Miami Book Fair International, 2007

Miami Book Fair InternationalLemme tell you, the Florida Center for Literary Arts and the Miami Book Fair International know how to party! Tonight amidst the mojitos, music by Ed Calle and paella, the official plans for the Miami Book Fair International were announced at the Miami Freedom Tower, a memorial to Cuban immigration.

The main event, the unveiling of two posters by Miami artists Viviana Ponton and Sarah Vazquez, was introduced by Alina Interian, Director of the Florida Center for Literary Arts, who spoke briefly about the Translation Project, and Dr. Eduardo Padron, President of Miami Dade College.

The Miami Book Fair International, founded in 1983, runs through November 4 -11, 2007.

For more photos of the event, please follow this link: Miami Book Fair International 2007.


Unknown said...

Glad you had fun.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Leon, I had a lot of fun--even joined the conga line!