March 6, 2006

Another Child Murdered

I try to pace myself with these posts. Give myself time to think and then post, but now this is ridiculous:

Look at this boy in the Jamaica Observer. He could have been me when I was his age. I went to Mona Primary. I lived in Mona Heights. This is not the first youth to die, but now, cho man!

This boy could have been my son. He looks like my son. I am so vexed. It makes me sick. I never thought I would never write a post/something like this.

And not because is "brown" yout. There is no "brown". Black is a color of political allegiance, so my little Black brothers all over Jamaica are being killed. And for what?

Any society that cannot, will not protect its young is barbaric.

And I am not naive enough to believe that there will never be crime--there is something in our nature that if not curbed leads us to this criminality.

This is insanity!


FSJL said...

What I object to is calling the thugs who carry out these wanton killings 'dog-heart man'. No self-respecting dog would do what some of these sheg-up people do.

Geoffrey Philp said...

True words. Another reason why it was so depressing was that I KNOW Mona. I have walked, driven my car, used to ride my bicycle through every street in Mona--Ian from Inner Circle told my daughter that I was "a brown skin yout who used to ride him bicycle whole heap."

FSJL said...

I've walked through Mona Heights many a time myself.

I don't think anyone today would walk around Kingston the way I used to (much less do what Mark Douglas, Michael Cooke and I did, walk from UWI to Dennis Scott's house -- then in Norbrook -- to sing 'We Three Kings' at sunrise.

Geoffrey Philp said...

That's great story. In fact,when I do my happy birthday for Dennis, if you can spread the word, let's all the ones who knew Dennis in the Caribbean, US, UK -- the world--write in a Dennis Scott memory. Or should we do it sooner?