Upcoming: 3 New Poems by Pam Mordecai

Sometimes unexpected blessings just fall into your lap…

Starting next week Friday and for the next two Fridays, I will be publishing poems from Pam Mordecai’s manuscript, Litany On The Line: Subversive Sonnets in Thirty-Three Suites.

In the first poem in the series, “Yarn Spinner,” Pam reinterprets an irreducible symbol, a woman at a wheel, into a meditation on the creation of art and mortality. But it's so much more. For a poem like this never yields to easy interpretation and paraphrase. 

Some poems trade on one element--a distinctive voice. "Yarn Spinner" combines voice, imagery, word choice (assonance, alliteration, specific nouns, active verbs) into a rich text that yields multiple pleasures.

So set your reminders for the next three Fridays because Pam’s poems will both entertain and educate—as all good poems should—and give you much to consider over the next three weekends.




Ruthibelle said…
reminder set!

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