Geoffrey Philp Wins Outstanding Writer Award

Jamaican writerGeoffrey Philp, author of Grandpa Sydney’s Anancy Stories, won the "Outstanding Writer" award from Jamaica Cultural Development Commission. Mr. Philp also won a gold medal for his poem, “Isaac’s Sacrifice,” and a silver medal for his short story, “Bobby Bijani and the Rolling Calf” in the national competition.

The National Creative Writing Competition Awards Ceremony & Exhibition Opening 2008 was held at the Knutsford Court Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica, on Wednesday, November 5. The ceremony marked the official opening of an island wide exhibition tour to the thirteen parish libraries and features the medal winning pieces in the categories of poetry, short stories, plays, novels, and essays.

“The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission has been an integral part of Jamaica’s literary development and I am honored to receive these awards,” said Philp, who will be appearing at the Miami Book Fair International Book Fair with the Student Literary Encounter series on November 12-13, 2008.

The JCDC National Creative Writing Competition encourages writers to sharpen their skills through the annual competition. Writers are invited to improve their craftsmanship and style, writing in Standard English or Jamaican Dialect. The Creative Writing Competition has spawned and celebrated many recognized professional writers in Jamaica including playwright Basil Dawkins whose 2005 gold medal winning entry “Hot Spot” has not only gone successfully to the stage locally, but has also toured internationally..


Geoffrey Philp is the author of Benjamin, my son, Uncle Obadiah and the Alien, numerous poetry collections, and a children's book, Grandpa Sydney's Anancy Stories. He teaches English at Miami Dade College where he is the chairperson of the College Prep. Department at the North Campus. His next collection of short stories, Who's Your Daddy? And Other Stories will be published by Peepal Tree Press in May 2009

For more information, please contact:

Danielle Hopkins
Public Relations Coordinator,
Jamaica Cultural Development Commission
The Public Relations Department
Tel: 926-8768/ 371-3423



Rethabile said…
Why am I not surprised? Sending much love and respect your way, brother Geoffrey.

Stephen Bess said…
Yes, much much love. Congratulations brother Geoffrey. Represent!
Dear Crafty, Rethabile, and Stephen,

Thanks to you all. It's been a busy week that promises to be even busier as we move closer to the big events of the book fair.

Dave Lucas said…
Congratulations, Geoffrey! Well done!
Thanks, Dave!
It feels great to be honored in my homeland.
Tui said…
It's the first time I've been here. Congrats to you! You have a lovely smile. :)

Thanks, Tui, & Welcome!
clarabella said…
Congratulations, Geoff! Well done!
Dear Pam,

Give thanks. The prize came at a good time. When one door is closed...

Lisa said…
Much deserved!
FSJL said…
Congratulations, Geoffrey! That's a well-deserved award.
Give thanks, Fragano. Give thanks!
Michelle said…
Congratulations, Geoffrey! Savour it.
Thanks, Michelle. I will. I am.

Congratulations Geoffrey!! You are extremely deserving of this award.Nuff respect star!! Mi happi fi yuh!!ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID
Esteban, long time mi nuh hear from yu, man. Give thanks and respec!
Congratulations and best wishes as you continue to tell (and explore) our story.
Yes, & blogging in one of the ways to continue the x-ploration.
Kyra said…
Geoffrey!!! Congratulations!!

Best, Kyra
Thanks, Kyra. This award meant a lot to me...

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