November 21, 2008

Anancy @ Bob Graham Education Center

Me and Anancy were in the news again. This time in The Miami Laker (thanks, Eddy Glenn) for my reading from Grandpa Sydney’s Anancy Stories at the Bob Graham Education Center on November 13, 2008.

This reading was particularly memorable for me because of the enthusiasm of the children which came out in their questions and their request.

You see, I normally follow the routine of introducing myself and Anancy, and then, I begin my PowerPoint presentation about Anancy, the Middle Passage, and Tricksters in mythology and folklore. I usually end with a reading a chapter from Grandpa Sydney’s Anancy Stories and answer a few questions.

The children at Bob Graham Education Center took me out my routine. They asked lots of questions. I mean lots! And they wouldn’t allow me to leave until I read another chapter from the book.

Thank you Bob Graham Education Center and all the children, teachers, media specialists, and administrators for inviting me to your school. I will never forget how special you made me feel.



Anonymous said...

Hi Geoffrey,

I'm quite new to the blogosphere and I've just stumbled across your blog and I must say I thnk it's fab! I think we met years ago at the Miami Book Fair? I'll be popping into this blog from time to time and I'm going to add it to my blogroll.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Dear Bernardine,

Yes, I remember! Give thanks and welcome.

I'll be checking out your blog soon.