"Sunday Homily" by Geoffrey Philp

Geoffrey Philp
Geoffrey Philp is a Jamaican poet, novelist, and playwright. He is the author of the novel, Benjamin, My Son and five poetry collections: Exodus and Other Poems, hurricane center, Florida Bound, xango music, and Twelve Poems and A Story for Christmas. He has also written a book of short stories, Uncle Obadiah and the Alien; a play, Ogun's Last Stand, and a children's book, Grandpa Sydney's Anancy Stories.

Sunday Homily

She had me singing psalms on Sunday

morning before the call to prayer,

the reading of her feet, calves, thighs

and exhortation to reach higher

to partake the wafer of her tongue,

wine of her lips, babbling the language

of angels with the homily to become one--

no closing hymn as sincere,

no communion as complete.



Jdid said…
Give thanks, JDID. Give thanks!
Richard said…
I give thanks to you for this...
Rethabile said…
So do I, like richard.

This: "the reading of her feet, calves, thighs and exhortation to reach higher," intrigued me.

The poem is tight. The closing lines are Geoffrey.
Richard & Rethabile,

Thank you for the encouragement. It was one of the riskier poems that I've written lately and wasn't sure of the effect.

miracle said…
I haven't been on your blog in awhile!!! Beautifu poem :)
Welcome back, Miracle & thanks for the comment. Yes!
FSJL said…
Now this is an intriguing combination of the religious and erotic. I like it, but I suspect that some people might find it, ahem, more than just risqué.
My defence is that I was reading "The Song of Solomon."
Stephen Bess said…
lol! Yes, the Song of Solomon will take you there. Very nice.

Thought: I've never heard a preacher talk about that book on Sunday. If the good Lord ever calls me to preach, that will be one of my first sermons.
Yes, Stephen, it is text that many preachers stay away from because the idea of sexuality and spirituality is very dangerous.

We prefer religion.
Simone said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
"holy in our groins"!

tell me some more...
Anonymous said…
well I think that if you want to reference sex as a homily then the reader has to have a spiritual experience. As it is, its just really sweet foreplay but nobody ever screams out "Oh God" for sweet foreplay. You gotta reach right in there and 'umph!'

Of course, you can't write what you don't know sooooo
"but nobody ever screams out "Oh God" for sweet foreplay."

Mad Bull said…
Heh heh heh... Good one. ;)
clarabella said…
Geoffrey, I've got to echo your "Really?". Have a wholly holy Sunday!
Thanks, Pam!

You too.

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