The Passing of a Caribbean Literary Giant: EA Markham

EA MarkhamWe have just received the sudden and shocking news of the death of E.A. (Archie) Markham in Paris on 23rd March, Easter day.

Archie had apparently been taken to or gone to a Paris hospital where he died, it seems, of a heart attack. It was not until Monday 6th of April that news of his death was discovered by his family. As a hale 69 year old who was always on the move, no-one was too alarmed not to have heard from him for a week or two.

As publishers of Archie's novel Marking Time, his retrospective collection of stories Taking the Drawing Room Through the Customs, and just having sent his memoir, Against the Grain, due for publication later this month, to the printers, Archie has long been a part of our life, and over the last few months a regular presence either in the office or on the phone. It was always both an education and a joy to work with him. He was generous (we still have a bottle of good St. Emilion awaiting an occasion), particular (he was still emailing small alterations - which always improved the text - right up to the last time we heard from him just before Easter) and immense fun when he was in the office.

We know that there was so much more that Archie planned to write. In every way we feel deprived. There is so much more we want to say, but that needs more thought. In the meantime we send our deepest regrets to Archie's family and know that there will be many of our friends who will share our huge shock and sense of loss.


Jeremy Poynting

Peepal Tree Press


Photo Credit of EA Markham


FSJL said…
This was surprising and shocking news indeed.

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