New Poems in Asili and Canopic Jar

I've published six new poems. Three in Asili and three in Canopic Jar. Why not click over and take a look?


Canopic Jar

Give thanks to Rethabile Masilo and Joe McNair



Jamaican Dawta said…
You have a wonderful way with words. I enjoyed each one. Thanks for sharing.
Stephen Bess said…
Fantastic. I really like the Samson and Delilah poems. Delilah's was more passionate. Nice.
Jamaican Dawta & Stephen,

Give thanks. Yeah, Stephen, I really wanted to re-visit that story and tell it fresh and it was suprising that it came out that way because what started the whole poem was something Samson, who seems to have had bad luck with the ladies, said, "You would not have guessed my riddle if you hadn't ploughed my heifer."
Great stuff!
bygpowis said…
that delilah. you have convicned me that she was right. she had more to lose so she went for it. commitment is a big thing. she had her way, huh.

as a fellow west indian trying to sound his voice, look at these --if you have time-- and let me know what you think

I will give them a look.

Rethabile said…
What do I say? I say thank you for the music, bro. Sing on.
And I for yours, my brother.

Rootzpoet said…
When I read great writing it gives me inspiration and you my friend have inspired me once again. Great poetry. Autumn is my favorite.. just beautiful
Give thanks, Rootzpoet.

Leon said…
Nice work. Excellent poetry!
Give thanks, Leon.

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