January 10, 2019

Geoffrey Philp's Blog: A Recap of 2018

I'm beginning to worry about my blog. Last year, I only had 26K visitors, which is down 9.97% from the previous year. However, the standouts from previous years are still holding strong. Here, then, are the top ten posts from 2018:

1. The Meaning(s) of Bob Marley's Songs"
2. "Little Boy Crying" by Mervyn Morris: An Appreciation
3. "Colonial Girls School" by Olive Senior: An Appreciation
4. "Ode to Brother Joe" by Tony McNeill (Read by Geoffrey Philp)
5. Marcus Garvey's Crime (Part One)
6. "Uncle Time" by Dennis Scott (Read by Geoffrey Philp)
7. Happy Independence Day, Haiti!
8. Garveyism is an Outdated Ideology: A Rebuttal
9. 25 Foundational Rocksteady Songs: Winston Barnes
10. "Boat People" by Felix Morisseau-Leroy

I've also picked up more visitors from South Africa than the previous year, which is up by 24.2%. and I'm happy that "Boat People" by Felix Morriseau-Leroy has finally made it into the top ten.  The work of Felix Morisseau-Leroy should never be forgotten.

A big thank you to all the visitors, especially those who have continued to support the books on my Amazon page, and I wish for you all the happiness, joy, and peace that you can imagine. 


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