November 21, 2013

Special 10th Anniversary Issue of Anthurium: "Intellectual Formations: Locating a Caribbean Critical Tradition."

Anthurium: A Caribbean Studies Journal | University of Miami

Anthurium, a peer reviewed Caribbean Studies Journal, publishes original works and critical studies of Caribbean literature, theater, film, art, and culture by writers and scholars worldwide exclusively in electronic form. Founded by Sandra Pouchet Paquet in 2003, Anthurium promotes a lively exchange among writers and scholars in the arts, humanities, and social sciences and other disciplines who hold diverse perspectives on Caribbean literature and culture and offers a mixture of fiction, poetry, plays, critical essays, cultural studies, interviews, and visual art. Book reviews and bibliographies, special thematic issues and original art and photography are some of the features of this international journal of Caribbean arts and letters.

Current Issue: Volume 10, Issue 2 (2013) "Intellectual Formations: Locating a Caribbean Critical Tradition."


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