November 28, 2013

FULLJOY Thanksgiving

FULLJOY Thanksgiving

Since I've cut down on eating meat, I’ve been going to a vegetarian restaurant, Konata’s, in North Miami. The food is superb, but that’s not the only reason I go to Konata’s.

After eating a flavorful sip, I gathered my keys and said to Konata, “Enjoy your Thanksgiving.”

“I will FULLJOY my Thanksgiving,” said Konata.

In that brief moment, Konata reminded me of why I was attracted to RastafarI. 

“Enjoy” suggests the possibility of an “end” to joy, and for RastafarI, who live in an Iniverse of bounty, there is no end to joy. Life should be FULLJOYED.

FULLJOY Thanksgiving, my sisters and brothers.


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