September 5, 2012

From "The Book of Marcus": The Words of a Minor Prophet.

In the fourth year of the reign of Barack from the House of Obama, the Spirit of Jah came upon I in the "Land of Flowers."

"Speak the word to my people, the lost Ethiopians, for they have forgotten my word and the teachings of my prophet, Marcus Garvey."

"Preach to them of the innocence of my prophet whom I sent to them like sheep into the midst of wolves, but they did not harken unto his voice. Yea, the deafened their ears to him, but listened to he of the "talented tenth" who hast led them into the land of integration, where my people hath not power nor sustenance on the land."

"And if they will not listen to thy voice, thou shalt say unto them, 'Woe be unto thee! For thy fathers and mothers have eaten sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge. Thy fathers have pursued war and thy mothers have chased after bling, the vanities of this world which are like the wind. Thy daughters bleacheth away their glorious blackness and thy sons weareth their loincloths around their thighs like their brothers in captivity.'"

"Woe unto thee! For thou hast dragged the name of my prophet through the mud for the fowl of the air! Yea, verily for the John Crows of the heavens to feed upon his good name."

And I fell upon my knees and said, "Lord, I am unworthy of this message. Surely there must be another among my brothers and sisters who can bring this message to your people."

And the Lord said unto I, "I have called you, JahGeoff, as you were once known when you were a yute in the "Land of wood and water" to carry the message of the prophet's innocence."

For forty days and forty nights I fasted and prayed and then, rose and to seek counsel of the elders, Ras Don Rico from the House of Ricketts and I. Jabulani from the House of Tafari.

And I said unto the elders, "I am unworthy of this message. Surely, one of the Idren or Sistren can spread the word of the innocence of the prophet. For though I know and love his words, I am not of your tribe."

Jabulani sayeth unto I, "Thou art worthy of carrying this message. For I have known thee since thou wast a yute when I&I kicketh the ball with the I on the Plains of Liguanea. For verily, I say unto thee, thou art a baldhead Rasta."

And Don Rico said unto I, "Guidance, my yute. But let thy zeal be tempered by wisdom."

So I picketh up my iPad and went into the land of Obama, who many had thought to be the Messiah according to the teaching of Joseph from the House of Campbell and the mysteries surrounding his birth.

But there was a great war in the land between Red and Blue tribes, and I took shelter in a House of Garvey that boasteth millions and I said unto them, "My brothers and sisters, whilst thou help I&I to spread the word of our prophet's innocence?"

The elders listened, but according to the Principle of Pareto, many did not.

And some said unto I, "Thou art a false prophet. Our father wanted us to return to Africa. Our father sayeth, 'Separate yourself from her and have no commerce with this Whore of Babylon, drunk with the blood of the saints and the blood of the martyrs of the revolution.'"

"Google is the Mark of the Beast! And thou would invite us to consort with the father of the lie and his son who hast done nothing for the children of Africa? Yea, hast he not denied our request before? Why shouldst this Judas, for whom thou hast so much respect, proclaim Baba Garvey's innocence this time?"

I couldst not answer them, so I went into a House of the Sadducees and Pharisees and said unto them, "After so many years whilst thou help I&I to spread the word of the prophet's innocence?"

And they said unto I, "By thy tongue, we knowest thou art a foreigner from the land of Marcus, he of the Irish name. But we shall never help thee. Thy prophet is dead and his teachings are worthless!"

And a high priest ripped his garments in twain and said unto I, "His blood be upon us and on our children!"

Shaking the dust off my sandals, I wandered into the land of my people and said unto them, "Surely, thou whilst help I&I to proclaim the innocence of our prophet, Marcus Garvey?"

And a chief magistrate said unto I, "Who art thou?" and curleth his lips at I.

"Thou art a red kin bwai, a likkle browning who dareth to speak the words of Garvey? Hast thou no shame? For although we have given the Key of the City to his son and preacheth Garvey's words in our schools, dost thou thinketh we desire to do more? Nay! For what if the people really listened to the words of Marcus from the House of Garvey?"

"Begone! For from the time thou were a yute, we knewest thee to be a rebel and an instigator. For this reason, we banished thee to the "Land of Flowers" where thou shall spend the rest of thy days in silence and exile."

Broken by the betrayal of my people, all the careless Ethiopians, I lifted my iPad to the hills from whence came my deliverance. For I was a voice crying in the wilderness of the Internet for Justice.

But lo and behold, even as I beseeched my brothers and sisters to proclaim the innocence of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, there appeareth a great crowd of witnesses, lovers of Justice, who helpeth to spread the word and didst sign the petition:



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