October 6, 2011

New Book: Trapped in Dunston's Cave

CaribbeanReads Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of  
Trapped in Dunston's Cave 
Book 3 in the Caribbean Adventure Series (CAS)   

In this book, the CAS kids, Mark, Kyle, and Ingrid set off for a school trip to Trinidad's Asa Wright Nature Center with Mark's pet monkey Chee Chee, all excited and ready for adventure. However, when Kyle disappears in the rain forest, the trip turns into a dangerous encounter with poachers who are trying to steal rare oilbirds from Dunston's Cave. Can Chee Chee once again rescue the children from danger? Read the book to find out!

Author Carol Mitchell on Writing Trapped

Writing Trapped was quite an adventure for me. Shortly after the publication of Book 2 - Pirates at Port Royal, I moved to Ghana. This transition was exciting, educational and challenging. (I write about our experiences in Africa in a blog on Kittivisian Life called Obroni.) Writing while settling my family into our new home was quite difficult and this was one of the major reasons that Trapped was delayed.

An added complication was the fact that Trapped is the first book published by CaribbeanReads Publishing, a company that I established to further my dream of making publishing more accessible to writers in the Caribbean. The process of publishing a book without the middleman was an experience that brought with it a very steep learning curve.

I am very pleased to have made it through these challenges and to be able to see the end result, the publication of Trapped in Dunston's Cave.

About the Caribbean Adventure Series (CAS)

The Caribbean Adventure Series is about three children and a monkey who have exciting, magical adventures in the Caribbean. The idea behind the series is to provide Caribbean children with more books in which they can see themselves and through this to increase their love of reading.

For more information, please follow this link: http://www.caribbeanadventureseries.com/

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