August 31, 2010

New Issue: The Caribbean Writer, Vol. 24

"Certainly the new volume from The Caribbean Writer holds many gems, but it's particularly gratifying to see some St. Somewhere Journal alums included in its pages. Literary craftsman Geoffrey Philp weighs in with a fine example of his poetry chops, as well as his review of "Possession" by Cecil Gray. In turn, Philp's own book, "Who's Your Daddy? and other stories", is reviewed by Edgar O. Lake."

For more, please follow this link:  The Digital Calabash

Facebook: Volume 24 is finally here! Order your copies today. . .call 340-692-4152 or email



Summer Edward said...

Kudos on the blog makeover...looking good. Wanted to say thank you for the Anansesem plug in your sidebar..we really appreciate it!

Geoffrey Philp said...

Give thanks, Summer.
I needed to get rid of so many hacks that I'd done. I've lost some features, but functionality is what matters.

Anything to help Anansesem!

One Love,