January 29, 2010

Review of Who's Your Daddy? @ Society for Caribbean Studies (UK)

Geoffrey Philp,  Who’s Your Daddy and other stories. Leeds: Peepal Tree Press, 2009.

Reviewed by: Yolanda Martinez, University of Birmingham

Geoffrey Philp‘s most recent collection of short stories Who‟s Your Daddy and other stories documents the experiences of the Jamaican immigrant community in contemporary Miami, at times intertwined with their lives in the Jamaican past. The twenty stories that form the collection bring together an apparently unconnected array of multilayered characters: a dreadlock vampire, a closeted homosexual football player, a rolling calf‘, unconventional priests, prostitutes and drug addicts, and a talking-fridge‘ are some of the characters in the collection that make the complexity of life and human relationships humorous and thrilling; moreover, their personal and peculiar stories underlie a commonality of contemporary issues such as the need for the revaluation of familial and matrimonial values, class divisions and racial discrimination, gender stereotypes and roles, tainted sexual and love relationships, poverty, drugs and violence.

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