January 15, 2010

Nou led, Nou la--This is What we Know.

Nou led, Nou la--this is what we know.
We’ve carried this sorrow in our mouths for so long,
Cursed by those who say we don’t belong,
and mock our ancestors, yet still we grow,
our bodies filled with the pride of our song.

Nou led, Nou la--this is what we know:
Though it seems our story began with woe
When Toussaint defeated Napoleon to right our wrong
And at Bois Caiman we said we were free and strong.
Nou led, Nou la--this is what we know.


*Nou led, Nou la [We are ugly, but we are alive].


Randy Baker said...

Thanks for sharing this. Oddly enough, I was writing a poem today inspired by the tragedy in Haiti. Mine isn't quite as concise as yours, but I believe our minds may have been on similar tracks. So, this one is timely for me in more than one regard. This is a very good poem.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Give thanks, Randy.
I am surrounded by so much suffering here in Miami--my friends, students, colleagues. We wake up every day with hope that is sometimes dashed.