February 1, 2009

Inaugural Issue of tongues of the ocean

tongues of the ocean

The inaugural issue of tongues of the ocean is now live, and the first two poems of the issue may be viewed at http://tonguesoftheocean.org/

This issue features

An interview, conducted by Nigel Beale, with Derek Walcott.

Written and spoken word poetry by
Ian Gregory Strachan (Bahamas), Nic Sebastian (USA), Obediah Michael Smith (Bahamas), Lisa Allen-Agostini (Trinidad and Tobago), Vladimir Lucien (St. Lucia), Janice Lynn Mather (Bahamas), Amielle Major (Bahamas), Nicholas Laughlin (Trinidad and Tobago), Ward Minnis (Bahamas), Sheila Brooke (Canada), Sonia Farmer (Bahamas), Tim Tomlinson (USA), Charles Huggins (Nevis/Bahamas), Muhammad Muwakil (Trinidad and Tobago), Ishmael Andrew Smith (Bahamas) Geoffrey Philp (Jamaica/USA), Keisha Lynne Ellis (Bahamas), and others.

Marion Bethel is the featured poet.

Cover art by Eric Rose

Return every Sunday to see two more new poems.
The next issue goes live in June 2009.



Nicolette Bethel said...

Thanks for the plug, Geoffrey!!

Geoffrey Philp said...

It's a good way to start the week!