June 14, 2008

All or Nothing in the New York Times

Preston Allen's remarkable novel, All or Nothing, gets a rave review in the New York Times.
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Nevertheless, just as he’s finally lost his family, P does win — and big. This leads him to Vegas, where he plays in big-stakes poker tournaments, sporting the requisite black Stetson of the “whale,” or perennial high-roller. Even when his fortunes improve, P senses his spiritual bankruptcy, eventually attaining a form of sobriety through solitaire. He still haunts the casinos, however, as a sort of Ghost of Jackpots Past, dispensing funds and cryptic wisdom to desperate gamblers. (That he sleeps with some of them complicates his newfound saintliness.)

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Jdid said...

i'll have to find this.

i just read this one called Gents by Warrick Collins that was pretty good

Geoffrey Philp said...

Preston's worth every syllable.