March 4, 2008

Geoffrey Philp's Blog: Rated E for Excellent

E for ExcellentWhen Professor Zero rates your blog, E for Excellent, you better sit up straight. It’s a honor to be counted with the other blogs she mentioned in her post, and if the tag had come from another source, I would have had to mention her blog for the rigorous self-examination of issues that many of us in the academy face.

Now although Professor Zero tagged “academic” blogs, I’m going to change it a bit to blogs that usually teach me something:

Poefrika: For always expanding my knowledge of Afro-centric writers, singers, and players of instruments.

Reginald Shepherd’s Blog: Reginald is a superb poet and critic. A rare combination.

Inspirations and Creative Thoughts: Sadiq Alam writes about the major world religions and has some remarkable insights about the Sufi faith.

Morphological Confetti: Steven Bess’s photos and his abilty to capture recent African American history, especially through his grandfather’s eyes, continue to amaze me.

Antilles: The Weblog of The Caribbean Review of Books: For keeping me up-to-date about the latest in Caribbean writing and for teaching me about several writers, such as Ralph de Boissiere, about whom I’d been ignorant.

Ted Blog: A gathering of some of the most innovative thinkers in the world.

Thanks to all who continue to give and to spread knowledge about your lives and our world.



Anonymous said...


Geoffrey Philp said...

Thanks, Karel!

Rebel Girl said...

Glad to have found you via Prof Z!

Geoffrey Philp said...

Glad to be found!


Rethabile said...

Ditto, about Carribean writing, events in and around Miami, and great poetry posted and read. I am honoured that you rated PoƩfrika E.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Rethabile, keep up the good work, my friend.

Jdid said...


Geoffrey Philp said...

Hey, JDID!