June 9, 2006

Mambo Night @ The Luna Star Cafe

Cuban American poets Tucked away in a corner of North Miami is a cultural oasis, the Luna Star Café, that showcases poetry readings, live music, and an impressive beer list. Last night, five Cuban-American poets, Richard Blanco, Adrian Castro, Elisa Albo, Emma Trelles, and Sandra M. Castillo, read poems that bore the stamp of their contrasting perspectives. It was interesting to witness how they confronted their hyphenated identities through place, food, and music, and the theme of freedom in its manifestations of language and culture. It was also good to reconnect our lives that have been shaped by our choice to live and work in South Florida.

Cuban American poets

Elisa Albo, Sandra M. Castillo, Richard Blanco, and Adrian Castro

To view the rest of the night (that's available for public consumption), follow this link:


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