Featured Poet @ Sliver of Stone: Geoffrey Philp

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Geoffrey Philp, author of Marcus and the Amazons and Dub Wise, teaches English and creative writing at Miami Dade College. Geoffrey publishes regularly on his blog (Geoffrey Philp's Blog), and has begun an online petition for the exoneration of Marcus Garvey. 

Volume 3

Poetry: Jared Bajkowski, Sheila Black, Constance E. Boyle, Anhvu Buchanan, Alan Elyshevitz, Therese Halscheid, Denise M. Rogers, and Karen Neuberg.

Fiction: Preston Allen, The Keys to My Apartment

Nonfiction by Lori Jakiela, Tabitha Blankenbiller, and Lisbeth Davidow. Fiction by Preston Allen, James Dunlap, Barry Herzog, Tim Hunt, Olive Gale Mullet, Peter D. Goodwin, and Nick Sweet.

Lynne Barrett & Louis Lowy

Check out our interview with Lynne Barrett on September 25!
Lynne Barrett is the award-winning author of  the story collections The Secret Names of Women, The Land of Go, and, most recently,  Magpies, which has just been published by Carnegie Mellon University Press Sept. 1, 2011.

Art by Steve Perrault.

Interviews with Lynne Barrett and Louis K. Lowy.



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