Kwame Dawes @ PBS NewsHour: Haiti's Earthquake

KWAME DAWES: And this is the thing about it. You know, I'm not your standard, at least as far as I know, journalist. I don't go to do sort of immediate news stories.

I really want to meet people. I want to find out how they're living. And, really, what ends up happening is that I become very friendly. I become a friend. I become somebody who is just interested in their stories and their lives.

And I can't -- I cannot avoid a good story. You know, a good narrative tells me there's a poem here or there's an image that is going to emerge out of it. And I would listen to people's stories and walk away. And, at night, I would be thinking about it, and maybe an image would come back to me, and I will find a way to turn that into poetry.

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