Accepting Submissions: Pearson Publishing

Via Caribbean Book Blog:

The Book Industry Association of Jamaica (BIAJ) has announced that Pearson Publishing is inviting Caribbean authors to submit manuscripts for its Caribbean Writers Series. Authors may submit novels, plays and short stories for consideration for the general list. Manuscripts should be sent by email, in Microsoft Word. Authors may submit the first chapter or the manuscript in its entirety.

The manuscript should be accompanied by a 2-page cover letter including a synopsis, background information on the author’s reason for writing the story, any relevant social context, a short biography and resume, and information on the author’s published work and any writing awards. The story should be suitable for readers age 14-16. Interested authors are advised to look at Pearson’s other titles. Pearson is also accepting submissions for books planned for the primary school curriculum. Writers interested in submitting pieces for the primary curriculum are invited to write for more details.

Interested authors should contact Rachel Brown at



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