Opal Palmer Adisa Interviews Kamau Brathwaite

What I recognize is that the art is a calling, is a commitment; and you’ve got a sense that you have something to say, and you’ve got to fight to find the time and space to say it. The world is always trying to distract you from that, and the world is willing to try to buy you out from that particular commitment and engagemant; but when you decide that you, despite all that, are going to concentrate on your own work—on what calls you, as some would say—it means you are sacrificing a lot of material benefits and a lot of material gloss; and you are willing to invest at whatever personal or social, economic or political cost, your own time & attention to the art.

To read more of Opal’s interview with Kamau Brathwaite, order your copy @ The Caribbean Writer, Vol. 23.


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