"Erzulie's Daughter" @ Peony Moon

Erzulie’s Daughter
Geoffrey Philp

It began with the usual insults
about her nose and hips,
and the belief that her true-true mother
lived on a coral island protected
by sunken galleys and man-o-wars.

To read the rest of the poem, please follow this link: Peony Moon.
Thanks, Michelle!

BTW, the photo was taken at the Calabash International Literary Festival. I''ll be writing about my xperiences next week. Stay tuned...


Michelle said…
Thanks so much for letting me post 'Erzulie's Daughter', Geoffrey. I'm looking forward to Dub Wise.
Julie said…
I just read your poem at Michelle's beautiful site. Your work is amazing. I can't even begin to describe how much I love it. I'm so glad you have a blog. Thank you.
Michelle, it was my pleasure. I really like your site.

Julie, thank you for your kind words and comment.

susan said…
Enjoyed it, Geoffrey. It's frightening how we harm our children when we think we're caring and even more frightening that we don't know our children.
Susan, it's a difficult journey. How do we balance safety and security for ourselves and our children.
Do we let the demons loose or find a way to channel their energy? How do we stay alive when we are constantly digging deep into the unconscious for material? What do we do when we see our children, who are unskilled at handling this kind of material, hurting themselves because of the road that they've taken--a necessary path--and we are powerless to do anything?
GirlGriot said…
This poem leaves me with so much to think about. Really strong.

Great photo, too! Taken at the TB Hotel, I'm guessing. Can't wait to read more of your Calabash experience.
Glad you liked it, Girl Griot.

Yes, the picture was taken at Treasure Beach Hotel.


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