Day of Absence: Solidarity

Day of Absence


Fly Girl said…
This is such a significant issue that affects artist everywhere. In the U.S. culture and artists are not valued either. It's only if the art produces money that the acknowledgment comes. I make it a point to purchase hand-crafted art whereever I travel. Sometimes it takes work to find locally artist produced work and not items made in China or somwhere else, I always check the labels. You would think that travel bureaus and ministers of culture would care to make authentic representations of their culture available but too often, that's not the case. We just have to keep demanding the respect and visibity, I have seen it gradually happen in some places.
Give thanks, Fly Girl.

I agree and that is why I had to join with my sister today...

Geoffrey & Fly Girl,

I got this post while I was on the radio talking about the Day. I never got a chance to read the comment or describe this wonderful image, but I really wanted to (it was a call-in radio show).

Thanks for the support!!
Nicolette, I admire your courage in calling attention to this very important subject....


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