Psalm 23 for Bloggers

logger is my platform; I shall not want readers.

It maketh me revenue in pastures of AdSense;

It leadeth me beside the still waters of Page CTR,

It restoreth my Page Rank.

It leadeth me in the paths of righteous html for W3C's sake.

Yea, though I click through pages in the shadow of spam, I will fear no malware,

For McAfee art with me; Blogger's Terms of Service, they comfort me.

Blogger preparest banners and gadgets before me in the presence of mine WordPress enemies:

Blogger anointest my site with ads; my Page Impressions runneth over.

Surely subscribers and advertisers shall follow me for the life of this blog,

And I will dwell in the house of Google forever.


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Jdid said…
if only i was making some adsensse money lol. last year i didnt make enough to afford a patty n coco bread
JDID, we all waitin for some real cash!

Maybe if this page gets Stumbled or Digged, I can improve the CTR?

All the best for 2009!
FSJL said…
Don't we all wish for some AdSense money?! At this rate, I'll make my first money approximately the day after hell freezes over.

Your verification terms are getting interesting. The last one was 'diasel', this one is 'parslyh'.
I wish I had control of both the AdSense and verification terms, then I'd really be talking big!
PinoyDeal said…
i like this post! this is fun. thanks for this. my blog
"Philo" said…
A "Web 2.0" poet.

I love it!

Thnaks, Philo. I'd never thought about it that way. Cool.

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